Individual Norwegian lessons...

You can schedule the lessons around your other commitments and re-schedule if you need to. You can learn at your own pace, and the classes can be tailored to suit your individual learning pattern and preferences.

Who is Astri?

Astri was born in Oslo, & educated there as well as in Cambridge (UK). She is a teacher of Norwegian and English, & has been teaching students just like you since 1997. She makes regular trips back to her native Oslo to keep in touch with all things Norwegian.

I'm time poor, can I still learn Norwegian?

Most people have family/work commitments, and cannot always be there for the scheduled lesson. Since there is no up-front fee for face-to-face students and the tutor is understanding and willing to re-schedule, there is no undue pressure.

How long does it take to learn Norwegian?

The answer will depend on you – whether you have had any previous experience with languages, how quickly you learn, how proficient you wish to become, how much time you are prepared to spend studying between classes and how long you have to achieve your goal.

Learn Norwegian with private tutor, Astri Forsyth

Velkommen (Welcome)! Do you want to learn Norwegian?

Hello, my name is Astri Forsyth. I specialise in private language tutoring and I have been teaching Norwegian since 1997.

I live and teach in Sydney and, thanks to SKYPE, I am also able to help students (looking for a Norwegian tutor) who live a long way away.

The advantage of one-to-one lessons is that it is possible to focus on each student's individual situation and particular goal. We all have our own unique way of learning, and the course has been designed to take this into consideration.

Private lessons mean flexibility with respect to the timing of the Norwegian lessons and, by using SKYPE, also where the lessons are held.

Unique teaching methods are used which soon enable students to create their own grammatically correct sentences, with particular emphasis placed on learners being able to speak clearly and with a conventional Norwegian accent.

If you want to learn to speak Norwegian, there is no better way to find out about me, and how I teach, than to read what my students say. So within these pages you will find plenty of their comments.

Here are the reasons some of my students gave for learning Norwegian

Here are just a few of the reasons, and chances are that you will recognise your own situation...

Norwegian partner
"...I am so grateful that I decided to learn Norwegian with you. The time you spent correcting me on my pronunciation has really made me pronounce each word correctly and clearly... and they always compliment me that my Norwegian skills are "kjempebra" after only being here in Norway for three months." - W.S.

Family in Norway
"My father is Norwegian and I really wanted to learn the language so we could talk together in his native tongue. I live in Perth and, thanks to SKYPE, I've been able to benefit from weekly lessons with Astri." - J.T.

Going to Norway to work or study
"...Norwegians often comment on how good my Norwegian is and cannot believe I've only lived in Norway for a short time. For this, I cannot thank Astri enough, as her lessons have made my entry into Norwegian life and language far easier than expected." - C.C.

Interest in Norwegian music - from Classical to Heavy Metal
"... as my lessons were more concentrated on the spoken language, Astri paid great attention to my diction. Her devotion to the teaching of Norwegian is fantastic and I would recommend her, always." - M.P.

Australian grandparents with Norwegian grandchildren
"Astri is a highly dedicated and skilled teacher, who puts much thought and preparation into each lesson. Every lesson is always interesting and challenging, and I enjoy Astri's enthusiasm and sense of humour." - A.W.

Moving to Norway
"I was moving to Norway in 10 weeks and I knew no Norwegian... Once Astri shows you how...only your own work and enthusiasm constrain your rate of learning. I fully recommend both Astri and her method." - M.C.

"...It was so wonderful beginning my Norwegian language journey with you. I know that I will have so much confidence when I start my classes in Trondheim. You are a wonderful teacher and I know that you have given me a solid foundation that I can build upon."- L.D.