About Astri

Astri Forsyth was born in Oslo, and educated there as well as in Cambridge (UK). She is a teacher of Norwegian and English as Second Languages, and has been teaching students just like you since 1997.

Astri is Sydney’s longest practising Norwegian tutor. She specialises in private language tutoring, focusing on each individual’s particular needs, and teaches accordingly.

Unique teaching methods are used which soon enable students to create their own grammatically correct sentences, with particular emphasis placed on learners being able to speak clearly and with a conventional Norwegian accent.

Astri is also a NAATI recognised translator, and over the past 20 years or more she has translated a wide variety of books.

She makes regular trips back to her native Oslo to keep in touch with the Norwegian language, culture and the latest teaching/learning materials.

Astri’s recognised skills and experience have led to variety of assignments, such as:

  • Working with stage actors playing the roles of Norwegian individuals (e.g. Roald Amundsen) to get their accents right.
  • Working with singers studying at The Conservatorium of Music in Sydney who want to sing Norwegian compositions in the original language.Not only do they learn perfect diction and pronunciation, but also about the background of the composer, culture at the time of writing the music, and a thorough understanding of the lyrics.
  • Working as the language coach for the Sydney Philharmonia (VOX) Choir and soloists in the Peer Gynt production at the Opera House in Sydney in 2010 – sung entirely in Norwegian!

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