The benefits of private Norwegian lessons with Astri

… I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to study one-to-one with a native speaker of the Norwegian language.” – P.D.

Norwegian tutoringWhether you are planning to travel to Norway for business or for pleasure, we will put together a programme that suits your needs. The lessons are not only about learning the language, but also take in the culture, the Norwegian way of life and prepare students for what they may encounter in Norway.


The relaxed and friendly approach can help the most hesitant of learners.


We all have our own unique way of learning, and the course has been designed to take this into consideration.

The one-to-one lessons make it possible to focus on each student’s individual situation and particular goal.

  • Are you a complete beginner?
  • Have you picked up a few words here and there? Have you tried self-study?
  • Would you like to learn to speak the Norwegian language fluently, or would you just like to learn a few greetings and expressions?

Some common goals are:

  • To engage in conversations when visiting friends or family in Norway
  • Use Norwegian when travelling on public transport and shopping
  • Write and understand emails

The course is tailored to suit each individual’s needs and goals. Following are just a few examples of students with specific goals:

A young Sydney career footballer with a Norwegian girlfriend planned to visit her family and wanted to be well prepared. Apart from learning to speak Norwegian with a cultured accent, he was also drilled in behaviour that his girlfriend’s parents were likely to appreciate. We talked about the type of food Norwegians eat, and he got to taste the arguably number one Norwegian national food, the “gjetost” (a brown goat cheese).

There have been several students whose main goal was to make a speech in Norwegian at a relative’s wedding or “big” birthday.  Not all of them had enough time to learn to speak Norwegian, but they were all confident that they could deliver a speech with perfect accent and diction. In every case the Norwegian relatives were amazed!

A world famous Australian conductor took classes prior to her taking up a post as guest conductor in Norway. Being a multi-lingual person, it did not take her long to pick up on how the Norwegian language works and learn the names of any musical instrument found in a Philharmonic orchestra.

Private lessons mean that there is flexibility when it comes to “when” – and thanks to SKYPE, also when it comes to “where”. Normally, lessons are held at Wollstonecraft, near North Sydney.

Since 2008, in addition to the traditional classroom situation, Virtual Class Room students have come from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Townsville – and the list keeps growing…

Also, a number of students from Oslo – most of whom wanting to continue their lessons after they moved to Norway.

You don’t have to sign up for lessons in advance, and you only pay for the lessons you have. All course material is included, and you will be given a “lesson plan” at the beginning of each lesson – prepared just for you.

Since you would not be sharing the class with others who may learn at a different speed, you learn the way you feel comfortable with. Should you need extra time to grasp a particular concept, we would work at it until you feel confident. No wonder the success rate is high!

I had the most wonderful six months with this lovely lady, a calm and encouraging teacher who made me feel most welcome in her home. I felt it was a privilege to be there, and looked forward to my weekly lessons so very much.” – C.L.

… Astri’s strong grasp of English as well as Norwegian language concepts and her focus on fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation make her course a really effective and fun way to learn to speak norsk.” – J.S.

… each lesson is a challenge which I enter with a mixture of anticipation and dread but leave with a sense of triumph – Everest scaled!!!!!” – J.B.

To see what former students have discovered about learning Norwegian, please visit the TESTIMONIALS page.

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